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Walker Tools

10 Easy Ways to Fundraise
Download tips on other fun ways to fundraise.

Social Media Guide for Walkers
Tips on how to leverage your social networks

Walker Cards
What an easy way to share your personal page! Personalize these cards and be sure to carry them with you everywhere! Hand them out to friends, family, even people you meet along your journeys!

Participant Guide - Everything you need to get started with you fundraising including instructions on how to set up your webpage, sample email letters and fundraising tips.

Sample Emails for Walkers
Don't know how to get started? Here are some quick E-mails to send to potential donors.

Donor Tracking Form
Use this list to track your donations as they are received. This will provide you with a quick reference when it comes time to acknowledge your donors. This is for your records only.

Fundraising Ideas from A to Z
Easy and fun ideas on how to fundraise.